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Offerings are presented through many ways by devotees at every shrine or pious place to pay their devotion to Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A.). You can also pay your devotion through offerings. Through This way you can pay your devotion at Darbar Sharif as below



Flowers are presented at the holy shrine. The Rates of flowers are starts from $10 to $ 50 and as your Taufik. You can send the amount for flowers online.


Chadar Sharif

Chadar is also presented at the holy shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Gharibnawaz(R.A.). The size of chadar is 42 meter which covered Mazar e pak.Most of devotees present chadar at the shrine after fulfilling of their dua (Mannat). The rates of chadar is started from $100 to $500 as your Taufik. The chadar is made by velvet, simple, printed and shahi chadar.


Big Cauldron (Deg)

To mark his expression of devotion of Khwaja Sahib, Emperor Akbar presented the Big Cauldron in the year 974 AH, after his conquest of Chittor.Total expenditure for cooking a big deg is $ 1400.


Small Cauldron (Deg)

Emperor Jahangir presented the Small Cauldron in the year 1022 AH. The cauldrons are used for preparing special food for devotees. Total expenditure for cooking a small deg is $ 1000. In the small deg nearly 60 mounds of rice can be cooked in the same way.



Langar is a free public food (Tabarrukat) about 5 mounds of barley meal is cooked twice a day and distributed to the poor without any discrimination. The free lungar is also cooked daily at dargah sharif through devotees contribution by money,things and etc.the lungar is distributed twice a day to the devotees and poor people. Total expenditure for cooking one time lungar is $20. You can pay your devotion through the lungar as you know Allah will bless you on behalf of anybody´┐Żs prayer in this world and there too.

Chhati Sharif

Chhati Sharif

On every sixth of the Lunar Month the famous and highly inspiring program of Fateha Chhatti Sharif is celebrated within Ahata-e-Noor in front of Begami Dalan. This was founded by the ancestors of Kantar Moini and Syed Khalid Moini Khadi of Khwaja Saheb. It has become very popular. Those who attend this function realise its solemnity and sanctity and also the benefit, which they receive. This program which has its own blessings starts from about 8.30 A.M. in the morning and continues about an hour without any program of Qawwali. The program begins with recitation of the Holy Qur'an followed by recitation of Shijra (spiritual genealogy of Khwaja Saheb) then with 'SALAM' and ends with Fateha. Syed Khalid Moini or his younger brother Syed Tariq Moini recites the Shijra and Salam in a highly impressive voice. In the evenings, at every khadims home this Fateha is organised and prayers are offered for the well being of the devotees. We welcome anybody to take part in all these pious and auspicious functions and fateha and get benefited by heavenly reward..


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