Bank Details:

Account Name: Ajmer Syed Bakhte Nasar
Bank Name: State Bank Of India
Diggi Bazar Ajmer
Bank Account No
.: 31889053799
Swift Code: sbininbb372

About URS

According to some historians, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, the founder of the Chishti order, came to India from Persia as a member of Muhammad Gouri's invading army in 1191. He settled in Ajmer, where he preached Islam until his death in 1233 AD, at the age of 91.

A darga was built in his memory. Affectionately called Garib Nawaz, he was said to be an emancipator of the poor.


How to reach Dargah Sharif


By Bus

All type of bus service are available for Ajmer..


By Train

Train facility also available for Ajmer..


Foreigner Devotees

Devotees/ Pilgrims coming from out of India..